Monday, November 12, 2012

Hairfinity pills Pros and Cons..

Hey there folks!! Jus updating my blog since I haven't for a while.. jus giving y'all the pros aId cons I have personally experienced during this Hairfinity journey..Now I have been very lackadaisical when it comes to during the MN was much of a hassle..however I have been consistently taking the pills..especially for what I paid for them!! Lol..'s goes my list..

*Hair seems shinier and thicker
*Softer and more manageable
*Easier to brush and style
*Faster growth results than with MN mixture

*Minor shedding
*I experienced extra gas but that's just me! :-\
*Minor acne breakout in chin area

So far the pros outweigh the cons since most of it is minor and nothing major..I have seen great results so far and can't wait to achieve APL to BSL..hopefully by summer 2013 I will be at my goal!! By one year of usage I would like to be MBL!! I'm so excited!! This is a lot better than the MN mixture as to no headaches or nausea which I love!! So of course I will continue and be back soon for an official 30day update!! Happy Growing!!!


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