Friday, October 19, 2012

Introducing ME to ME...Again!!

Hey there folks!! My name is Yani and I decided to start a blog all about my journey. This may mostly be a hair blog; however I am also willing to share my so called adventure of life and whatever else may be on my mind. So welcome and I hope you will enjoy this along with me.

First things first. It all started back in 1997 at fourteen years old when I started wearing tracks in my hair. I had a mishap with a pressing comb to my bangs and burned all my hair out. So I started wearing a piece for my bangs. I like the fullness so much that I continued to start wearing tracks all over my head using hair glue. It wouldn't be too bad of a problem if I had taken better care of my hair. However I would continually put hair glue which of course clog your pores and cause all kinds of damage. Every time I would wash my hair instead of using hair glue remover I would just pull and tug them out. I know I know. Crazy right??!! I continued this for many many years and of course was experiencing little or no new growth, bad shedding and starting developing bald spots. 

Finally in February 2011, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to wear my real hair and not be ashamed or dread letting ANYONE even my own father to see my own hair. I was basically a chickenhead in my opinion! So I was put on game about wigs. Now I have always associated wigs with old church ladies or something like that. Lol. Before I have never heard of half wigs or lacefronts or any other terms and didn't realize that a lot of people who I thought was rocking a good sew-in was actually rocking a wig! I was thoroughly amazed and become kinda obsessed with the thought of wearing one and also making your own. So I started doing my research and of course studied Youtube and was kinda mesmerized by it. It was a world unknown to me before last year. 

So as I started wearing wigs and half wigs I had my ups and downs with it due to not knowing how to maintain them or wearing them too tight where I would use bobby pins that would tug at my barely there edges already and cause more damage. Eventually I got it together and before I started my next regimen on just wearing protective styles as wigs and using Organic Root Stimulator and Doo Gro products my hair has grown about 4 inches on its own. Which is great however I wanted faster results.  So I stumbled upon a YT video back in June 2012, on using Miconazole Nitrate or better known as yeast infection cream. I thought this was insane. I mean yeast infection cream for hair growth?! BS!! However I researched and found that you actually do get results and could obtain up to 2 inches of growth per month..So I figured hmmm...why the hell not?? So I combined my own concoction and used yeast infection oil..tea tree oil..and any kind of hair lotion and applied to directly to my scalp daily.. I never stopped using the ORS or Doo Gro products and I did achieve growth. My edges finally grew back after not seeing them in almost 7 years. My hair grew longer and I did obtain at least 2 inches of hair growth as of August 2012.

Things happened and I slowly and surely got lazy and wasn't keeping up with my regimen. However I am ready to go back to it and fully commit. So along with my regimen I am taking prenatal vitamins which I'm sure is promoting healthier and stronger hair and just growth. I have recently purchased Hairfinity, which is a dietary supplement geared for hair growth . I am excited to try to do both at the same time. Might end up cheating the system and obtain more growth or maybe it would just about the same. Hey who knows. So I'm about to sign off and I will post pictures of and all the ups and downs of this journey...



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